Martha Stewart to Take Audiences to Cooking School


Martha Stewart.

In yesterday’s story about a new generation of mini-Marthas, we noted that Martha Stewart has become outmoded due to her core audience’s total lack of familiarity with basic homemaking skills. Who needs a twelve-lemon centerpiece when you can’t boil an egg?

It turns out that this wasn’t lost on Ms. Stewart, whose next TV show is to be called Martha Stewart’s Cooking School. Therein, Ms. Stewart will educate viewers on how to perform a “basic” kitchen task (this being Martha, the basic tasks are, like, braising, and not “turning on the stove,” but it’s a start!).

The show is to air on PBS this fall, and will provide a soft landing and a means of retaining the public eye once Ms. Stewart’s Hallmark Channel series concludes. Perhaps her tutorials will gain her a whole generation of readers currently learning the basics online.