Morning Links: BuzzFeed Ben Has a ‘Death of Print’ Parable for Us

And it involves his 8-year-old.

The BuzzFeed Editor in Chief takes a swipe at the Times and print in his “What I Read” column on The Atlantic: “Lately, I’ve found myself not reading The New York Times regularly. We get the Weekender and I like flipping through the Sunday paper. But I was out with my son at a coffee shop the other day and there was a stack of The Times and the Daily News and he was like, “Do you have to pay for these?” So, I bought one and I had to explain to him how they worked: why it folds, where the story continues. It was really exotic to him. He’s a smart, 8-year-old kid who reads on his Nook but this was really unfamiliar to him.” [Atlantic]

Arianna Huffington is taking over more parts of AOL business—get this—so HuffPo can launch new verticals even faster. [NY Times]

Current TV might get kicked off Time Warner Cable for firing Keith Olbermann. Just kidding, because of its low ratings. [Reuters]

A Continuous Lean’s founding “heritage” fetishist Michael Williams has a background in PR, can you believe it? [WWD]

Google Play adds 500 Paramount titles for Youtube rental. [WSJ]

Simon and Schuster, HarperCollins and Hachette want to settle in the ebook price fixing case. [WSJ]

No matter how discounted Harry Potter ebooks are, Pottermore will still make bank. [PaidContent]

Journalists arrested and beaten in Nigerian court. [Huffington Post]



Morning Links: BuzzFeed Ben Has a ‘Death of Print’ Parable for Us