Morning Links: Censorship Edition

Sotheby’s to launch Hong Kong galllery. [WSJ]

Gallery chief Julian Spalding, who called Damien Hirst a “con artist” and his art “worthless” suddenly finds himself unable to enter the artist’s retrospective. He calls this censorship. [The Independent]

The Google Art Project has added 134 museums to its site, including the Getty Museum and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art [LA Times]

Vice talks to Agnes B., patron of the arts, about Ryan McGinley, Ryan McGuinness and the late Dash Snow. []

T-shirts featuring Damien Hirst’s diamond-covered skull are selling at his Tate retrospective for £46 ($73.68). Recouping production costs bit by bit! [Bloomberg]

Here’s Jerry Saltz on the Dependent Art Fair. [Artnet]

Anna Somers Cocks champions one of the lesser-known emirates of the UAE: Sharjah. “This is the place where the most original artistic fruit may be borne, and where the West is most likely to learn about the creativity of the new economies,” she writes. [The Art Newspaper]

Here’s Roberta Smith on the Morley Safer segment. [NYT]