Morning Links: Who Says Morning Show Wars Can’t Be Fun?

When Today host Matt Lauer announced he’d renewed his contract, a GMA staff member was sent over to the NBC show studio with a bucket of golf balls. Then GMA host George Stephanopoulos congratulated Mr. Lauer on air, saying, “Take all the time off to perfect your golf game.” [NY Times]

Alan Rusbridger is just in New York to get the Guardian‘s annual deficit down to 7  figures; will do so with “open journalism” and clickable columns. [NY Mag]

An erotica industry primer. [NY Mag]

Carine Roitfeld’s magazine will be called CR (Fashion Book), cost $9.95, be themed. Also it’s hiring. [WWD]

Newspapers and rich dudes, a history. [NY Times]

The anchor character on Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom is a secret Republican. No wonder its writers freak out if you say it’s based on Keith Olbermann. [The Guardian]

Morley Safer remembers Mike Wallace. [CBS]

Next Issue, Netflix for magazine iPad apps, explained. [Nieman Lab]

Epix movie channel, partnered with Netflix, still gunning for HBO and Showtime. [Post]