Morning Read: More Trouble Between Cuomo and Dems; Indys for McCarthy; Where’s Bill Thompson?

Bill Thompson’s low key approach to the early days of the campaign have left some wondering if he is really running for mayor.

The war between the Cuomo administration and Senate Democrats has grown worse now that lawmakers bailed on a Cuomo lunch last week.

The census bureau rebuffed a challenge by New York City to revise it census figures upward.

The Independence Party is backing Carolyn McCarthy for re-election, even though they backed her opponent, Fran Becker, in 2010. 

Andrew Cuomo killed an anti-gun program of Gov. George Pataki’s without much fanfare.

Lawmakers however killed a Cuomo plan to boost taxes on loose tobacco and cigars. 

The city is trying to squelch a report that says its emergency call system is failing. 

The number of whistle-blowers snitching on city employees is growing. 

City Hall is slashing its auto fleet.

William Bratton however still has a parking placard, even though he was last NYPD commissioner 16 years ago. 

Hoping to build on the buzz around “The Hunger Games,” archery is coming to city schools.

Mike Bloomberg was honored at last night’s Emmy’s. 

Michael Grynbaum goes behind-the-scenes for a look at the creation of the new “bespoke” taxis of tomorrow.

Nydia Velasquez and Diana Reyna argue in favor of paid sick leave.

Microlending is gaining a foothold in New York.

David Weprin wrote an op-ed against auto accident fraud. 

Tom Libous denied wrong-doing in connection with a Yonkers corruption case. 

Two men were hit by subway trains yesterday. 

John Sununu hopes that Mitt Romney goes boring with his VP choice. 

A major Obama campaign donor has been accused of fraud.