Morning Read: Rangel Staffs Up; Dolan Takes Fight to Obama; Smart Screen Phone Booths

Charlie Rangel hired battle-hardened Bronx political operatives Mike Nieves and Moises Perez to help him in new Harlem/Bronx district.

Andrew Cuomo and the teachers unions are close to a deal that would permit parents from viewing teacher report cards but bar them from the general public.

Andrea Peyser says that moves proves schools chief Dennis Walcott “would kiss the backsides of the most militant members of the United Federation of Teachers” and is not better than Cathie Black.

Andrew Cuomo has turned to the legislature–a body he used to deride as corrupt and dysfunctional–to stock his cabinet.

On “Face the Nation,” Cardinal Timothy Dolan said he will not back down over the contraception fight with Barack Obama. 

Grace Meng is touting herself as the first Asian-American woman in Congress, but she is making her pitch to the Irish and Italian communities that have been a longtime fixture of northeastern Queens.

A longtime Queens civic leaders entry into the NY6 race has some wondering if he is plant designed to hurt Rory Lancman’s chances.

A school-reform super-group is forming to counter the power of the teacher’s unions. 

The death of a crane operator last week is leading to a fight between the crane operators union and City Hall over who has the right to operate the machines. 

Diane Savino is continuing to push for a medical marijuana bill.

NYPD officers found themselves in the crossfire this weekend, and Mayor Mike Bloomberg uses the incidents to op-ed in The Daily News to urge Congress to do something about illegal guns.

A criminal court judge in Manhattan said that Brookfield Properties was within its rights when it evicted Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park.

IPad like smart-screens will be installed 250 old phone booths around the city. 

Parents and lawmakers in Queens are worried that school closures will inevitably lead to over-crowding. 

The International Center, which has helped newly arrived immigrants learn English and assimilate into the mainstream culture for decades, faces eviction.

All three city library systems are facing major reorganizations that have less to do with books.

An anti-fracking movie starring Matt Damon is coming to the big screen. 

Barack Obama’s approval rating inched upward. 

Mitt Romney has a lengthy to-do list now that he is the all-but-inevitable GOP nominee. 

Republican Super-PACS are preparing for an anti-Obama blitz.

Morning Read: Rangel Staffs Up; Dolan Takes Fight to Obama; Smart Screen Phone Booths