Morning Read: Redistricting’s Consequences; Dilan’s Plans; The Badger State

142335610 Morning Read: Redistrictings Consequences; Dilans Plans; The Badger State

Rick Santorum holding cheese and hoping for an upset. (Photo: Getty)

The court’s congressional redistricting plan complicated things for Democrats.

The New York Daily News on the U.S. Census fight: “We wuz robbed, and there ain’t nothing we can do about it.”

Erik Dilan may be really thinking about 2014 for his congressional run.

He’s raised $115,000 so far.

Jeff Klein discussed increasing the minimum wage on Capital Tonight.

Employees rushed to join the pension system before Tier VI.

Adriano Espaillat doesn’t think Charlie Rangel’s district will lead to “nuclear war” between Latinos and blacks anymore.

Hakeem Jeffries will be endorsed by Transportation Workers of America Local 100 today.

A New Yorker faces an uphill U.S. Senate race in Nebraska.

Dan Squadron and Steve Levin want July 4th fireworks visible in Brooklyn.

The New York Times continued urging reform for stop-and-frisk.

The New York Post doesn’t like CUNY’s professors’ union.

Faculty members at Brooklyn College are leveling charges of antisemitism.

The fight for wine in grocery stores continues.

Headline: “Bicycling MTA bigwig gets huffy with cop”

Diane Savino defended Chris Christie.

Passover is transforming Boro Park at the moment.

On the presidential race:

Complacency could be a problem for Mitt Romney in Wisconsin.

Somebody forgot to tell Rick Santorum his odds are slim.

Mitt Romney’s already begun raising money with the Republican National Committee.

Santorum could be in trouble in Pennsylvania.

There’s a Muslim swing vote out there.

Republicans work to win Hispanic voters.