Nadler Raises $140,000

jerry nadler fb Nadler Raises $140,000

Jerry Nadler (Photo: Facebook)

Upper West Side Congressman Jerry Nadler raised $140,000 in the last three months and spent over $100,000 of it, according to a recently filed FEC report.  This leaves Mr. Nadler with about $700,000 on hand as he seeks reelection for another term.

Because Mr. Nadler will undoubtedly win reelection again in his extremely Democratic district, he’s understandably spreading the wealth around some, as he has in previous filings. In addition to expenses on typical campaign items, like rent and consultants, he’s been contributing heavily to the campaign coffers of the Assembly Democrats ($10,000) and chipping in large monthly contributions to the DCCC ($6,500), as well as smaller amounts to Democratic clubs.

Needless to say, Mr. Nadler isn’t in danger of being beaten by a Republican opponent anytime soon. Redistricting actually made his district even more Democratic and he won reelection last year with over 75% of the vote, a threshold he’s cleared in every election for the decade prior as well.