Nature-Loving Couple Pays $9.5 Million for Views of Land and Sea at 875 Fifth

Park views from the terrace

The 19th floor co-op apartment at 875 Fifth Avenue boasts stunning views of Central Park from the both its spacious terrace and the Fifth Avenue facing windows that run the entire length of the 1941 Emery Roth building.

The views should suit the new owner Lois R. Zaro, who purchased the apartment for $9.5 million, according to city records, and her husband Andrew, the president and CEO of Calvary Investments. The philanthropic couple is well-known for loving both nature and natural resources.

The Zaros made headlines last summer when it was revealed that Mr. Zaro, a co-chair the Hamptons Splash party for sea-saving charity Oceana, also happened to be the second-largest residential consumer of water in the Hamptons. (His house chugged 13.5 million gallons. The average American consumes about 300,000 gallons per year)

With four bedrooms to its two baths, this new apartment, listed with Corcoran broker Abby Levine for $9.8 million, should provide ample opportunities for long showers and luxuriating in the bath. (Double sinks in the master suite and a wet bar are also a nice touch.)

The seller, Henry Kaufman, the noted economist, financial consultant and president of Henry Kaufman & Co., may also be able to offer the couple some tips on asset management. In any event, a terrace rather than a sprawling lawn should be a step in the right direction for the Zaros.

Nature-Loving Couple Pays $9.5 Million for Views of Land and Sea at 875 Fifth