NBD: NYU MBAs Code Up a Simple Top 10 Site Based on Social Media Sentiment

"Ketel One vodka is the best."

adrian grant NBD: NYU MBAs Code Up a Simple Top 10 Site Based on Social Media Sentiment

Mr. Grant. (Twitter)

Adrian Grant and Vivek George, self-identified “NYU biz guys,” may not have gotten into Y Combinator. But they did teach themselves to code. While working on their first project, they struggled with finding the best software-as-a-service tool for the job–which led them to abandon the idea and start working on a simple, crowdsourced product reviews site. “We went looking for reviews and all the results were uber spammy. That’s when we got the idea for a transparent product review site,” Mr. Grant wrote in an email.

Mr. Grant reached out to Betabeat in response to an unscientific post entitled, “10 Startups, Ranked in Order of Hotness.” Buellr does similar rankings complete with excerpted tweets, just, you know, based on “data.”

The alpha version of Buellr launched on Friday the 13th, and so far Mr. Grant and his cofounder Vivek George have analyzed sentiment for vodka, smartphones, summer movies and Y Combinator’s 2012 winter class (go 99Dresses!) based on what people are tweeting about them.

Buellr analyzes Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more than social media sites for mentions of products, the site says. The algorithm then creates a simple top 10 list. It’s a “Klout for products,” Mr. Grant said.

Scaling is the next step for the nascent startup, which doesn’t have the ability to analyze larger datasets yet. The founders are working on overdrive to add this feature to Buellr within the next two to three weeks, Mr. Grant said.