Neue Galerie’s Cafe Sabarsky Toasting Klimt’s 150th Birthday With a Cake of Chocolate, Hazelnut, Gold

The Klimt Torte with a fork in it. (Courtesy KG-NY)

Cafe Sabarsky, the Elysian redoubt of cake and kaffeespezialität at Ronald Lauder’s Neue Galerie, is upping the game on its already unsurpassed pastry offerings with a special Klimt Torte in honor of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt’s 150th birthday. (A tip of the hat to DNA Info for breaking the story.)

The Klimt Torte is made of chocolate and hazelnut, and is topped with gold leaf, a material that the artist used in some of his paintings. It features many fine layers, like an opera cake, and comes in a smooth chocolate shell.

A close-up view of the Klimt Torte with a fork in it. (Courtesy KG-NY)

Though variations on the cake have long carried the Klimt name in Austria, DNA Info notes that no one is certain exactly what kind of cake the artist preferred. “Klimt didn’t write very much about himself,” a museum spokesperson told DNA Info.

The Klimt Tore has made appearances on the menu in the past, but this time it will stay all year. The museum will present an anniversary exhibition beginning on May 24. The show includes the artist’s Adele Bloch-Bauer I, which Mr. Lauder spent $135 million on. The Torte sells for $9, meaning that he could buy $15 million slices of cake for that price.

An overhead view of the Klimt Torte. (Courtesy KG-NY)