Now That Taxis Will Have Cellphone Charging Stations, So Should Everyone Else

Today, Nissan revealed a prototype for its new-fangled NV200 van, which was selected by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission last year to transform existing fleets with the “Taxi of Tomorrow.” The cabs will feature a “low-annoyance horn,” more leg room, a skylight, odor-reducing fabric, and sliding doors (you’re welcome, bikers!).

But most importantly, as promised, it will offer a charging port with 12V electric outlets and two USB ports for you to plug in your device chargers. Good thing considering we’ve drained many an iPhone trying to help cabbies navigate to and fro the bowels of Brooklyn. The NV200 promises a navigation system too, but based on outdated models we’ve seen gracing drivers’s dashboards, we’ll take Google Maps all the same.

The newer model won’t be phased in until October 2013, but it got us thinking: that sounds like just about enough time for the rest of the city to adapt to the modern power condition as well. Between charging stations at the Breslin in the Ace Hotel and creamsicle-colored Juiceboxes in the East Village, it looks like there might be some momentum.

Another modest proposal? How about standardized chargers, while you’re at it.