No! Craigslist to Abandon Its Dirt Design?

Craigslist is hiring a designer.

craigslist sf No! Craigslist to Abandon Its Dirt Design?Craigslist may be updating its interface in response to competition from fast-growing marketplaces like Fabrice Grinda’s OLX, because it’s hiring a designer to update its mobile offerings, tweak the site and make the whole experience “faster, friendlier and easier.”

Craigslist, with a billion pageviews per day, is one of the leanest sites on the web—it’s maintained by a staff of 30-something in San Francisco. The Craigslist formula of purple links on a white background, unchanging except for a minor tweak to the fonts and the addition of a light gray hue, has provoked fierce debate for years. Some say the design is perfect. Some say it sorely needs an update. We say, just don’t turn our beloved classifieds page into another hipsterish, drag-and-drop, rounded-corner CSS-fest.

As Collaborative Fund’s Craig Shapiro said of Craigslist and its brother in retro, Drudge Report, “The design in some ways is charming to me. It brings me back to like when I first started consuming web content, like animated GIFs and big fonts and a hodgepodge of somebody who had just learned html. I’d be afraid if we redesigned it, that it would lose some of that charm. I don’t know. It’s so functional that it’s hard to argue with.”