NoFWD Will Let You Email Your Nudes Without Fear

A new tool lets you protect your emails (somewhat) from unauthorized forwarding.

nofwd diagram NoFWD Will Let You Email Your Nudes Without FearWith the demise of the lascivious Hunter Moore’s Is Anyone Up?, where the vengeance-minded could publish those nude photos the ex sent back in the halcyon days of the relationship, the sext-happy among us can breathe a little easier. But for those of you who want to send your beloved something naughty without worrying that it will end up haunting you, there’s now, a simple tool that uses digital rights management technology to protect your private parts.

It’s not failproof, but a recipient who tries to forward the message will run into trouble. Only the sender and the original recipient can view the file in the email—if any other computer tries, the message will self-destruct. It also tracks when and from where the email is opened.

The haters on the forum Hacker News pointed out the workarounds and potential problems with spam filter. But the founders say this is just a minimum viable product. (Sorry, Rep. Anthony Weiner—it doesn’t work for dick pics on Twitter.) But with Is Anyone Up? gone, NoFWD’s founders are focusing more on protecting important, top-secret email messages rather than pixxx anyway. One caveat: Forwarding is enabled for computers on the same network. So while you may be safe from SmokingGun, TMZ and Betabeat, you should still exercise the customary caution in the workplace if you’re writing something you wouldn’t want your boss to see.