Park Slope Is New York’s Second Most Adulterous Neighborhood, Says—the online adultery site that put a bounty out on Tim Tebow’s virginity yesterday—used its membership data to rank New York City area neighborhoods by the number of affair-seekers per capita. It found that Great Neck, Long Island, is the cheating leader, followed by Park Slope (gasp, think of the children, etc.) and the Upper East Side.

It’s worth nothing that Great Neck users also spend the most time “chatting on the website using the fantasy date feature,” according to the company. If we’re talking flesh-and-blood affairs, Tribeca (#5), had the most reported extramarital partners, and Howard Beach (#9) had the most reported encounters.

Which got us thinking. Don’t the most expert and efficient adulterers in New York get along fine without a website? Like how supermodels aren’t on OkCupid? Isn’t this list more like, “neighborhoods where marital discord and social isolation coincide”?

Keep checking his shirts for blonde hairs, spouses of Soho.