Paul Sciarra, Pinterest Cofounder, Allegedly Leaving the Company [UPDATED]

BRB, pinning a frowny face to the board "Sad."

Mr. Sciarra (

Looks like not everything at Pinterest is pictures of kittens and chic pastel rompers. Startup Grind reported today that Paul Sciarra, one of the image sharing network’s cofounders, is leaving the company, according to numerous inside sources.

Though Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp are widely known as Pinterest’s cofounders, according to Startup Grind, “Mr. Sciarra was one of the original founders of Cold Brew Labs (established in 2008) with Ben Silbermann which incubated Pinterest and other products.”

The details of why Mr. Sciarra is leaving the company have yet to be announced, but as VentureBeat points out, “we doubt they’re anywhere near as pretty as the site Sciarra helped to create.”

So is this another case of defoundering? Was Mr. Sciarra growing nervous over Pinterest’s copyright issues, and wanted to bow out before they came to a head? Or is he simply moving on to new projects?

With more and more attention focused on Pinterest’s problem with copyright infringement, the Pinterest management team does appear to be growing a little nervous. Even the U.S. President himself is on the budding social network, but apparently even the other cofounders of the site, Mr. Silbermann and Mr. Sharp, are growing wary of the potential legal implications of Pinterest. The Daily Dot reported last month that Mr. Silbermann and Mr. Sharp both deleted their original profiles in favor of creating new, assumedly non-infringing accounts.

Details of Mr. Sciarra’s departure have yet to be confirmed, but the situation is obviously quite stressful. Might we suggest easing your worried mind by pinning (non-copyrighted) photos of cutesy cupcakes?

UPDATE: TechCrunch reported that Mr. Sciarra was originally listed on company documents as CEO, but Mr. Silbermann’s actions had the media thinking he was actually CEO. “Silberman[sic] was so convincing that press had already bestowed on him the CEO title, though the truth is that both he and Sciarra co-ran the company until last Friday,” wrote TechCrunch.

With Mr. Sciarra’s departure, Mr. Silbermann will now officially take on the role of CEO.

Paul Sciarra, Pinterest Cofounder, Allegedly Leaving the Company [UPDATED]