Peter Vallone’s Fuzzy Mets Math

Mayor Bloomberg and Peter Vallone Jr. in the stands at Citi Field today. (Photo: Facebook)

The shameful New York Mets might have been worried about low attendance at their Opening Day game in Citi Field, but the team managed to attract two political VIP’s–Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Queens Councilman Peter Vallone. Mr. Vallone posted his postgame observations on his Facebook page, but his assessment of the team’s record was a bit off.

Rather uncharacteristically, the Mets managed to win today’s game against the Braves 1-0. In his posting, Mr. Vallone shared his thoughts on the players and the team’s victory.

“some mets observations – santana’s still the man even without run support; jason bay still has warning track power, wherever that track may be moved to; we got a good 6 innings out of our spankin new center fielder; and we’re one game over 500!! woohoo!,” Mr. Vallone wrote.

However, since today’s game was the Mets first of the season, their victory gives them a winning percentage of 1.000 rather than one game over .500. Mr. Vallone was corrected on his error by none other than New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser.

“actually, we’re at 1.000,” she wrote.

Mr. Vallone “liked” Ms. Peyser’s comment.

Full Disclosure: This reporter is a diehard Yankees fan. As a native New Yorker, the Mets are the only team he hates more than the Red Sox because he believes they are an affront to New York’s glorious baseball legacy.

Peter Vallone’s Fuzzy Mets Math