Real People No Longer Missing Out

"Real People No Longer Missing Out," declares app for finding things you might be missing out on.

never miss out Real People No Longer Missing OutHere’s an app made for Manhattan. The mobile app TimeRAZOR has brought its real-time event information and fun capitalization conventions to the city, where it hopes to play on New Yorkers’ innate fear of missing out. The smartEVENT feature shows you what’s happening around you anytime from right now to two weeks out. “There are plenty of scenarios in which New Yorkers need reliable (and fun!) options to pull out of their back pocket when they want to extend their ‘play’ time a little longer,” says a press release which goes on to cite 1) a dinner date that’s going better than expected and 2) wanting to impress “clients or out-of-town friends and family with their knowledge of the local New York scene.” TimeRAZOR’s travelTIME feature will monitor traffic conditions so you won’t be late as you volley from party to party. This app bills itself as a FOMO fighter, but we’re unconvinced that it’s a FOMO allayer. Look at that icon. This is a FOMO abetter. Be warned!