Roger Sterling Lives In a Black Hole on the Upper East Side

14A? Why not 14PH? (Courtesy of Curbed) It’s pretty clear Roger Sterling is an Upper East Side kind of guy. He’s old, has white hair, wears three piece suits and has more money than most can imagine. And yet it took five seasons for his tony home to come up—perhaps because he prefers the inside of a hotel room with one of his beaus. According to Sunday’s episode Roger Sterling wrote that he lives at 31 East 66th Street #14A, the eagle-eyed editors of Curbed notice.

The address is clearly fake as there is actually no 31 East 66th Street. Further, if it did exist, chances are it would have been located in the middle of Madison Avenue according to the addresses of the buildings on the corner. Very clever, Mr. Weiner.

In perspective to the cast: Pete Campbell lives closest to Mr. Sterling, residing with his wife in an apartment on Park Avenue on the Upper East Side. Then there’s Peggy Olson who moved to Manhattan after the commute from Brooklyn tired her, but it’s not disclosed which neighborhood she lives in.

The main character himself, Don Draper, resided in Ossining, New York (about a 45 minute trip from Grand Central on the MTA’s Hudson Line) with his witch of a wife until he moved to an apartment on Waverly Place near 6th Avenue sans Betty, and then that swank Upper West Side pad of “Zou Bisou Bisou” fame.