Ryan Trecartin and Lauren Cornell Will Curate 2015 New Museum Triennial

Lauren Cornell. (Courtesy Patrick McMullan Co.)

The New Museum’s 2012 Triennial only just came down, but the museum’s administrators are already charging ahead with the 2015 edition, announcing today that artist Ryan Trecartin and Lauren Cornell, executive director of Rhizome, will handle curatorial duties.

“I can think of no better team to organize the next Triennial—an exhibition that is now awaited with great anticipation and high expectations,” Lisa Phillips, director of the New Museum, said in a statement.

Ms. Cornell, who also serves as adjunct curator at the New Museum, will step down from her current position in July.

In The New York Times, Ms. Phillips explains how the collaboration came about: “I appointed Lauren, and she immediately came up with the idea of inviting Ryan to co-curate it with her.”