Savor Ed Ruscha Works as You Comment on MoMA’s Blog

Ding. (Photo by GalleristNY)

Well, this is adorable. The comment system on the Museum of Modern Art’s Inside/Out blog now has a CAPTCHA box powered by Ed Ruscha artworks. A CAPTCHA box? It’s that little box of letters and numbers—usually randomly generated—that you need to copy when leaving a comment on a website or signing up for a newsletter, to prove that you’re not a robot. (A tip of the hat to Greg Allen for bringing this to our attention.)

Now, when leaving a comment on Inside/Out, you can type words like Ding (a gorgeous little 1971 number by Mr. Ruscha), Oof (his yellow-on-blue masterpiece from 1962/63) and Rancho (dark umber on orange, from 1968).

It’s the little things.