Sergey Brin’s Rant Against Government Forces Ruining the Internet Sure Is Well-Timed

Between Facebook and SOPA, it's apparently not looking good.


What’s the other half of Google’s dynamic duo up to now that Larry Page is running the show? He’s campaigning for the freedom of the internet — just as his company faces an FCC fine.

Sergey Brin tells the Guardian that, “very powerful forces that have lined up against the open internet on all sides and around the world,” adding ominously, “I am more worried than I have been in the past,” and “It’s scary.”

So what’s got Sergey so worked up? For one thing, he doesn’t like that more and more data is cordoned off in Facebook and apps which, of course, Google can’t crawl. Meanwhile, countries like China are attempting to restrict the medium, even as the American entertainment industry lobbies for stricter copyright protection. We’re sure that the social network appreciates being lumped with such illustrious company.

Mr. Brin’s push is rather conveniently timed, given the company’s own tiff with government. The FCC just fined the company $25,000 for poor cooperation with an investigation into potential StreetView data-collection shenanigans. Apparently the company initially offered investigators just five documents and zero emails. From the report:

“Although a world leader in digital search capability, Google took the position that searching its employees’ e-mail ‘would be a time-consuming and burdensome task.'”

Nothing makes you skeptical of the government quite like a government investigation.