Seven Art Fair Opens Satellite in New York During Frieze Week

View inside The Boiler. (Courtesy Pierogi Gallery).

Seven, the small collective art fair organized by Hales Gallery, Pierogi Gallery, Postmasters, BravinLee Programs, P.P.O.W., Ronald Feldman Fine Arts and Winkelman Gallery during the Miami fairs in December, will open a satellite this spring in New York to coincide with the inaugural Frieze art fair on Randall’s Island. It will open the Saturday before Frieze, April 28, in the massive Boiler exhibition space started by Pierogi Gallery on N. 14th Street in Williamsburg.

Seven is “more of [an] exhibition presentation than it is a fair,” in the words of one of its founders, Magda Sowan, of Postmasters (she announced the news on her Twitter feed Monday night). Each gallery will present one artist. The event was organized last minute, and the participating artists have not been finalized. There will be more information later this week. Frieze falls on the week of auctions in New York, so it will be a high-traffic time for the city, bringing in a swell of collectors, curators, artists and critics from across the world.

“At a certain point,” Ms. Sowan said in a phone interview, “We all realized, ‘My God, there’s The Boiler.’ It’s a spectacular space to do something like this and we came to the conclusion that we should really do it.”

The Boiler opened in May 2009 in a former factory boiler room. It is massive, with 40-foot ceilings and enough space to include a vast amount of work from each of the seven galleries. Seven joins a few other fairs, including NADA, Red Dot and Pulse, which have all decided to time their fairs with Frieze.

“It’s a no-brainer,” Ms. Sowan said, adding that “seven minds are better than one.”

Seven Art Fair Opens Satellite in New York During Frieze Week