Smoking Ban for Apartment Buildings Catches Fire in Queens

No smoking! (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

A Queens resident is fuming with smoke!

Phil Kinogsberg of Bayside has been pushing to have smoking banned in his co-op complex for the past five years, but now he’s shifting focus to banning smoking in all multi-family residences in the city, according to Crain’s.

His failed attempts in banning his 120-unit complex and its sister complex of the same size have pushed Mr. Kinogsberg into tackling the city as a whole.

“I think that smoke-free housing is something that needs to be done because there’s no way that when someone smokes in an apartment it stays in that apartment,” Mr. Kinogsberg told Crain’s. 

Sheelah Feinberg, executive director of the NYC Coalition for a Smoke-Free City, told Crain’s that it is a “slow build up” and that there are a few buildings on the Upper East and West Side that ban smoking, including 1510 Lexington which is known for its “no smoking” clause in the lease.

Smoking in New York has dipped to 14% and anti-smoking laws has its benefits from reduced risks of fires to less needed repainting.

The no-smoking-at-home-for-anyone campaign has flaired up before, gaining particular interest after last year’s smoking ban in public parks. It remains unclear whether this effort will be stamped out, but whatever happened to being king of one’s own castle? In New York, even when you own, you never truly own.

Smoking Ban for Apartment Buildings Catches Fire in Queens