Soho/Noho Denizens, Politicians Reject Artist-in-Residence Survey

Is there an artist living here? (Photo by Dan A/Flickr)

Not surprisingly, many people living in Soho and Noho are not too happy about a real estate group’s plan to survey loft residents in the neighborhood to ensure that at least one person in each loft is an artist, as city law requires. DNAinfo has been following this one closely and reports:

Community Board 2 chair Brad Hoylman said he was “shocked” by the plan to survey the area roughly bordered by Astor Place, the Bowery, Canal Street and West Broadway — and said the board planned to look into whether it was legal.

“I am very concerned that this survey could amount to landlord harassment,” Hoylman said. “There are laws against this sort of incursion on tenants’ rights to quiet enjoyment, and I hope that city officials take the appropriate action to protect them.”

The group, billing itself as the SoHo/NoHo Action Committee, wants to prove that artists no longer reside in many of the artist-zoned lofts, and aims to have the rule stricken. Some potential loft buyers who are not artists have reportedly balked at pulling the trigger on such homes, fearing their lack of certified artistic talent would result in them getting the boot if the city decided to enforce the law.

Soho/Noho Denizens, Politicians Reject Artist-in-Residence Survey