String Your Check-ins, Updates and Photos Together to Tell a Story with Gopogo

A new startup wants to provide context and narrative for your myriad social media accounts.

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With all of the different social services we use today, there’s still no platform that can unify all of our check-ins, tweets and photos into one cohesive narrative. Gopogo, a new startup out of New York that has raised $3M in seed funding, wants to change that.

Gopogo is a location-based service that launched its beta version yesterday; it allows you to connect your various social media accounts through “strings” overlayed on a map, that allow you to assemble a coherent narrative about your daily adventures.

“There is a whitespace out there in the mobile social local convergence,” Jason Snyder, Gopogo’s founder and CTO, told Betabeat by phone. “There’s Foursquare and you can check in, and you can check in on Facebook and share things on Google+ and put your pictures on Instagram, but all those things where you’re sharing your experiences–none of them are connected in any meaningful way and there’s no way of really recording that. Life doesn’t exist that way.”

Mr. Snyder said that he thinks Gopogo can help provide important context around the myriad social messages we relay daily.

“What exists today is just lists of stuff–top 10 bagels or whatever–and that’s not about living life,” he said. “With Gopogo, the opportunity is for people to go out and go do what they’re going to do and share a story about that, bundle it all up so they can record it and share it all.”

It sounds like a noble endeavor, but we were a little thrown off by Gopogo’s introduction video, which shows a mustache puppet using strings to stalk a girl in a red wig. So is this just another stalking tool?

“No it’s not a world’s stalking tool at all,” said Mr. Snyder. “It’s very different than that. Privacy is first and foremost. People share what they choose to share and our model is very much like a Twitter model, where you can connect to people and be able to send a DM and be able to see all their info once they connect back to you. You can save things to your own profile and library and you can choose to share them with just friends or with everyone.”

Gopogo is only in beta, but has some exciting stuff planned for the future, including a mobile app and integration with vehicles.

“We took the Gopogo idea and moved it out and said, ‘America is a big place, New York’s the capital of the world but for a lot of other cities that’s super important’– I wanted to have folks be able to load that into their car, the way they can with Pandora or Open Table.”

Though Mr. Snyder helped build out Gopogo and currently serves as its CTO, his main focus was to incubate and launch the product, and he’ll actually be leaving the team to pursue other mobile projects.

“I’ve launched this thing, brought it to life and I’m very very happy about it. Now I’m going to be looking forward to moving on to other innovations and looking at other mobile projects,” he added.