‘Studio 360’ Tackles Cariou v. Prince

Mr. Andersen in 2005. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Kurt Andersen’s radio show Studio 360 tackles the Richard Prince-Patrick Cariou case this week, inviting attorney Michael Rips and artist Penelope Umbrico, who are actually both on the same side of the issue, to discuss the case.

Mr. Rips reprsented Jeff Koons in a similar case and Ms. Umbrico’s Suns (From Sunsets) from Flickr was featured in the recent “Social Media” show at Pace Gallery. Mr. Rips says that one of the key elements in the case, moving forward, will be the damage that Mr. Prince has or has not done to Mr. Cariou’s business (in previous court documents, Mr. Cariou has said that Mr. Prince’s show caused interest in a show of his photography to wane).

Listen below!