The New York Times Declares Handgun-Concealing Apparel Totally Fetch

The hottest thing in fashion!

It seems in poor taste to run a fashion item about designers who cater to gun-concealing chinos and jackets while the Trayvon Martin case is still on the forefront of everyone’s minds, but you know what they say: Fashion trends (and bullets) stops for no man. Just like the skirt stories before them, a new ridiculous piece in The New York Times claims “Fashion Statement in Clear,” only to add  “…the Gun Isn’t.”

Taking that condescendingly bewildered tone of amusement that NYT prefers whenever they don’t really understand why a segment of the population (usually belonging to the flyover states) does something, the approach to gun concealment fashion may at first be written off as an article for The Onion.
Shawn Thompson from Kentucky is quoted (from his blog) talking about the Woolrich Elite Concealed Carry line pants, “for the fashion-aware gun owner.” As The Times reports:

“Most of the clothes I used in the past to hide my sidearm looked pretty sloppy and had my girlfriend complaining about my looks,” he wrote, adding in an interview, “I’m not James Bond or nothing, but these look pretty nice.”

By the way, here’s the description for one of the “concealment” chinos sold by Woolrich:

This pant is ideal for situations where discretion is important. The Elite Concealed Carry Chino has the clean profile of a standard pair of pants with no external cargo or utility pocketing, but offers the added advantage of a hidden chamber pocket strategically constructed to reduce printing.

Oh! And special features include “two knife openings.” Why these clothes are available for sale to civilians is a much better story than how sleek they are. Heavier laws on gun control: good. Lightweight gun concealment fashion: better?

Next up: A Sunday Homes piece about how to protect your property with DIY bombs…made from things you keep in your own refrigerator!

The New York Times Declares Handgun-Concealing Apparel Totally Fetch