Thieves Steal Chinese Artifacts from Cambridge Museum

Some of the stolen artifacts. (Courtesy BBC)

Police in England are investigating a break-in at the University of Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum that took place on Friday evening and saw the disappearance of 18 Chinese artifacts, mostly jade, said to be worth “millions.”

From the BBC:

Det Ch Supt Karen Daber, leading the investigation called Operation Tundra, said a team of detectives was working closely with staff at the Fitzwilliam, the principal museum of the University of Cambridge.

“The items stolen are very valuable and are of great cultural significance, so we are absolutely committed to recovering them and bringing those who stole them to justice,” she said.

The crime comes on the heels of a similar robbery in England, at the Oriental Museum of Durham University that saw the disappearance of two artifacts from the Qing dynasty, a jade bowl and a Dehua porcelain figurine just a week before this latest crime. Anybody else getting a Sherlock Holmes vibe here? Hurry, D.C.S. Daber, the game’s afoot!