18 Things Pinterest Has Revolutionized, Changed Forever, Or Otherwise ‘Taken By Storm’

screen shot 2012 04 06 at 10 13 48 am 18 Things Pinterest Has Revolutionized, Changed Forever, Or Otherwise Taken By Storm

Perhaps not what Bayer had in mind.

Of all the social networks that came before it, none activates the aspirational lobe of the brain quite like Pinterest–its pretty, pretty pictures triggering the impulse to collect, cultivate, and consume. This fact was not lost on New York City’s real estate professionals.

“We know that people aren’t necessarily buying New York City real estate off a social network site,” Core’s Kristina Helb tells the magazine. Nonetheless, they figure photos of fancy houses and burgers at neighboring restaurants can lure in buyers, as The Real Deal explains under the headline, “Social media craze takes real estate industry by storm.”

Turns out, real estate isn’t the only thing “taken by storm,” “revolutionized,” “mobilized,” “monetized,” or “captivated by” a scrolling sea of little red push pins.

Here are 17 others:

1. Politics

“The bar is set fairly low for the average political candidate to be perceived as hip and real-time and transparent with constituents or voters.”

2. Indie filmmakers

“They don’t even have to be your own photos! I think this is the highly attractive thing about Pinterest; in fact, I am hearing about Pinterest addiction.”

3. Libraries

“Interestingly, libraries too are jumping on to the Pinterest band wagon as well, to encourage visitors to use their services as well to facilitate the library experience of existing users”

4. Big Pharma

“Social media platforms like Pinterest provide another way for Bayer to communicate and collaborate about its business and activities.”

4. Your relationship with art

“Emily Dickinson wrote that she recognized a good poem because it made her feel like the top of her head had come off. That is pretty much the exact sensation I felt when I saw this pin: Thread Installations.

5. The Art of Supper

“The point is, before Pinterest, I could only make stir-fry. And meatloaf, sometimes—but I can’t even make real meatloaf, because I can’t eat ketchup.”

6. Mormons

“‘[Mormons] were a group I noticed the most in the beginning,’ said longtime Pinterest user Gillian Lanyon, who curates the Pinterest board I am Fascinated by Mormons.”

7. The Restaurant Industry

“Unlike Twitter, which is based on 140-character verbal spurts with photos occasionally attached, Pinterest is all about the pictures, which gives users wide latitude in communicating menus and philosophies.”

8. Humans with vaginas

“Somewhere, Sinbad is cloistered in an isolated room, eagerly awaiting more material about how men and women are different.”

9. Bucket Lists

“Anyway, Pinterest has actually changed my life, I am checking things off my bucket/to do list and loving every minute. My husband, however, is not as happy!”

10. Bookmarking

“Let’s say you find a cool looking iPhone 4S case made out of cherry wood veneer on Fab. Well, you no longer have to bookmark the link, instead you pin it on Pinterest with the click of a button and it’s saved for you there on a board called ‘Interesting Gizmos I Want to Buy.'”

11. Human Resources

“What if candidates were visually represented on a ‘Pinterest like site’ and were grouped by skill set.”

12. Museums

“So the Guernica inspired hundreds of artists (and rightfully so)? Make a board that shows a ‘timeline’ of all the art influenced by this piece, and where Picasso took his inspiration from.”

13. “The way we interface with social media”

“Sigh. If you are a social media pundit, you had better be posting about Pinterest these days or as Ike says, you’ll have your expert card pulled (the horror).”

14. Wedding plans

“There’s something about you, Pinterest, that makes me have a lot of questions, a few concerns, but mostly I feel confused and need some bridezilla to slap me across the face and tell me how Pinterest revolutionized her wedding plans.”

15. The Internet

“The image “pinning” model, on which Pinterest is based, has already spawned nearly a dozen look-alike sites that focus on everything from Jeremy Lin to pornography.”

16. Crafts

“I won’t lie, I have a folder on my computer with things I’ve spotted on Etsy and thought to myself ‘I can make that!’ and have saved the image as either inspiration or a reminder, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that.”

17. And, of course, copyright lawyers.

“Basically, if a photographer sues you for pinning an image illegally on Pinterest, the user must not only pay for his or her lawyer, they must also pay for Pinterest’s lawyer.”