Tiny Statues Come to the High Line, Blowing Everyone’s Mind

image320x2401 Tiny Statues Come to the High Line, Blowing Everyones Mind

(Courtesy DNAInfo/Friends of the High Line)

The High Line recently debuted a new exhibit called “Lilliput” featuring tiny statues by six artists. The show is named after the island of little people in Gulliver’s Travels and the works can be found all over the elevated park.

DNAinfo was all over this, obviously.

“Ain’t that a riot,” exclaimed Jessica Gnomsworth, 46, after she saw Carson, a 22-inch-tall sculpture of a punk-rock looking man with a black leather jacket and tight jeans by Japanese artist Tomoaki Suzuki. The small statue stands near the park’s West 14th Street entrance.

“He looks like a little Sid Vicious,” added Gnomsworth, who was visiting the park from Wisconsin.

The show runs until April, 2013.