Today In Y Combinator Hacks: PairMixer Lets You Thumbkiss a Stranger

In which we slut it up with a hacker.

screen shot 2012 04 10 at 4 07 05 pm Today In Y Combinator Hacks: PairMixer Lets You Thumbkiss a Stranger

Tired of reading about Pair, the Y Combinator Demo Day darling, but having no partner to test it out with? Singletons, meet your solution.

For the uninitiated, Pair is a social network built for two. It lets you send texts, photos, videos with that special someone. In other words, everything you can do already, but contained in a handy PG-13 app. “Hey Pair, Go Ahead and Centralize My Entire Relationship,” Pando Daily’s newest blogger wrote yesterday. Oh yeah, it also invented something called a “thumbkiss” where your phone vibrates if you and your Pair partner touch the screen at the same time. Perhaps you’re starting to understand why we called it more of a monogamy-enforcer than “the perfect sexting app“?

Anyways, this whole discussion has been entirely theoretical up to this point because the best friend/life partner we tried to get to “pair” with us is not a fan of potentially extraneous apps and refused to join. Thankfully, two devs hacked up a little fix. Over the weekend, Lim Cheng Soon, the founder and curator of Hacker Monthly magazine, and Richerd Chan, who used to work at HootSuite, but is “currently traveling around,” built a web add-on called PairMixer reverse-engineered from the Pair API that lets you “pair” with strangers.

They already have a fan in Y Combinator partner Harjeet Taggar who wrote, “This is awesome.”

“It’s 2:30am here, but we are super excited and would be up all night,” Mr. Soon emailed us to say from their office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Once you download Pair, you can use the same login to set up a quick-and-dirty PairMixer profile. Then you can peruse a page of potential partners. If any of them piques your interest, you can send them a “Pair Request.” If they accept, boom, you’re in Apptown, USA (population: 2).

We soon got a request from Mr. Chern and were paired up, but after two attempts, we were still unable to feel the sexty vibrations of a thumbkiss. “Maybe it’s your settings? My phone was going crazy,” wrote Mr. Chern. We were soon compelled to log off, however, after Mr. Chern started asking, “So where you from ;).” Hmm, maybe our mom was right about thumbkissing strangers.

screen shot 2012 04 11 at 3 00 15 am Today In Y Combinator Hacks: PairMixer Lets You Thumbkiss a Stranger

"Here's a photo we've just taken for you at our office right now," said Mr. Soon.