Turner Campaign Not Sweating Bad General Election Poll Numbers

bob turner fb Turner Campaign Not Sweating Bad General Election Poll Numbers

Congressman Turner (Photo: Facebook)

Congressman Bob Turner’s senate campaign saw today’s poll numbers putting Democratic incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand’s way above all the Republican candidates, but they aren’t overly concerned, at least according to a press release they just sent out arguing Ms. Gillibrand’s standing in the polls will tank when confronted by an “aggressive” campaign.

“As pollster Mickey Carroll points out, Ms. Gillibrand’s ‘numbers are reflective of press coverage’ which has not yet included the sustained questioning that comes when an aggressive rival campaign is in full gear,” Mr. Turner’s spokeswoman Jessica Proud said in the statement.

“Once she is forced to go on the record about her votes for Obamacare, to increase our national debt, and to raise gas prices, her numbers will take a nose dive,” she added.

Ms. Proud also referenced Ms. Gillibrand’s monster campaign war chest and contended it was no match for the issues by saying, “Ms. Gillibrand will need $9.1 million alone to explain her vote against the Keystone XL Pipeline while New Yorkers are struggling at the gas pump.”

Two other candidates, attorney Wendy Long and Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos, are also seeking the Republican nomination to challenge Ms. Gillibrand in November.

Mr. Turner posted a 6-point lead over Ms. Long in today’s poll, with Mr. Maragos bringing up the rear. Most voters were undecided, however.