‘Vice’ Surveys the Whitney’s Guards on the Biennial

(Photo courtesy of Vice)

A fellow who works at Vice and has an X in his name recently went around the Whitney Biennial asking the museum guards for their opinions on the art.

Naturally, the museum didn’t want him doing this, but being the badass that he is, he did it anyway, and decried the museum’s “bourgeois elitism” (which is pretty funny given that he condescends to all these guards, who are almost certainly more blue-collar than he is, but whatever).

He’s an example of his results:

What do you think of this painting?

Guard #7: It’s not my favorite.

Oh. Why is that?

It feels too sexual.


Look at the center of the painting. It looks like a woman’s… you know what. And there’s a unicorn next to it, which looks a bit sad. The wall text also says that the artist got drunk and operated on his own private parts to become more of a woman. It’s hard to look at this painting without imagining what he did to his body.

Other works are described as “fine” and “nice.” Wacky!

‘Vice’ Surveys the Whitney’s Guards on the Biennial