Video Game Nerds Now 100 Percent More Happy to Visit the Louvre

Beginning Wednesday, the Louvre is offering audio tours via Nintendo 3DS systems as part of an ongoing partnership between the people who brought you the Mona Lisa and the people who brought you Mario.

According to a release on Nintendo’s web site:

Developers working at Nintendo Co., Ltd, based in Kyoto, Japan have developed the audio guide which is housed within the Nintendo 3DS system, in order to support the enjoyment and appreciation of the Louvre’s exhibits for many of the museum’s 8.9 million annual visitors. The audio guide will provide audio and visual tools which will help visitors to understand and deepen their knowledge of the artwork and exhibits in place.

One particularly intriguing feature is called “3D without glasses.” Nintendo poses this familiar problem:  “Perhaps you’d love to be able to see the back of the Winged Victory of Samothrace, but can’t get round the statue because it’s placed against a wall.”

(Drat! We hate it when that happens…)

Well, apparently, you can hold the ol’ Nintendo 3DS up to the statue and see its rear end, just like you’ve always wanted, you sicko.