What Will Happen to Fritz Koenig’s World Trade Center ‘Sphere’?

koenig the sphere What Will Happen to Fritz Koenigs World Trade Center Sphere?

'The Sphere.' (Courtesy Stephen Rees/Flickr)

Though a great deal of art was destroyed in the September 11 terrorist attacks, Fritz Koenig’s 1971 bronze sculpture The Sphere emerged relatively intact. Since being discovered amid the rubble, it has stood in Battery Park, on the southern tip of Manhattan, a remnant of the buildings’ ruins, which have since been carted away. Now the Associated Press reports that the 45,000-pound piece will be taken away by the end of April, and some people, who want the work to stay as a memorial to the attack, are not happy.

The New York Post, which notes that The Sphere is being moved to make room for a bike path and lawn, says that 7,200 people signed an online petition opposing the move. That petition reads in part: “It is an affront against the American spirit that triumphed 9/11; it is an assault upon truth and memory. It betrays the memory of the innocents slaughtered there.” Many signers reportedly want the piece incorporated into the 9/11 memorial.

A Battery Park spokesperson tells the Daily News that the sculpture may be shown temporarily at the JFK airport, but as of now there are no permanent plans for it to be shown publicly. “We’re looking at a variety of options,” the spokesperson said in a statement published by the AP.