Whitney’s 2012 Bucksbaum Award Goes to Sarah Michelson

Ms. Michelson. (Courtesy Steven A. Henry/Getty Images)

Carol Vogel announced in her Inside Art column today that choreographer Sarah Michelson has won the 2012 Bucksbaum Award, which is presented to one emerging in each Whitney Biennial. Ms. Michelson will take home a $100,000 prize and receive a one-person show at the museum.

While giving the award to a choreographer is certainly in keeping with the 2012 biennial’s multidisciplinary ethos, we had bet our hard-earned money on Sam Lewitt, Nick Mauss and Michael Clark—a triple failure on our part.

Here’s Ms. Vogel on the performance that Ms. Michelson staged for the biennial, titled Devotion Study #1:

The nearly 90-minute piece, performed by six dancers, one of whom wore a horse’s head, took place on the museum’s fourth floor, which was cleared of most of its walls. They danced on a white-painted surface depicting blueprints for the Whitney’s Marcel Breuer-designed building.

Past Bucksbaum winners include Raymond Pettibon (2004), Mark Bradford (2006) and Michael Asher (2010).

Whitney’s 2012 Bucksbaum Award Goes to Sarah Michelson