With the Rise of Digital Dumbo, Do We Detect A Beef?

You guys, the Roosevelt Island tech campus will feel left out.

2td3qmsxiumjizmlldyeqsgbzhmmdjww3ln1v4vmwbkakms1 With the Rise of Digital Dumbo, Do We Detect A Beef?With Dumbo’s star rising, it’s time for the inevitable inter-borough smack-talking to begin. And, as often happens when boosters for Manhattan and Brooklyn go toe-to-toe, things are starting to look a little heated.

Crain’s is just the latest to notice all the fuss across the river. Etsy has long been a neighborhood fixture; digital consulting firm Takeout just relocated; Loosecubes and Docracy are homegrown efforts. Why are startups flocking to a neighborhood with a mere 3 percent commercial vacancy rate? Surely there are roomier (and therefore cheaper) environs. Turns out, Manhattan lacks a certain spark. (Manhattan, are you just going to let them talk about you like that?)

Shirley Au, president of HUGE Inc., told Crain’s:

“There’s this combination of creative energy and digital business talent that gives us an edge,” Ms. Au said. “Frankly, that’s been driven out of Manhattan.”

She added, “Just by being here, we’re saying something about our company’s values, our ethos.”

A bit of neighborhood pride is all well and good, but let’s keep the internecine rivalry to minimum, here. We don’t want the subway ride to New York Tech Meetup feeling like The Warriors.