YouTube Founders Take Aim at Online Magazine Publishers With Zeen

These 'zines won't have that awesome old ditto machine smell, though.

zeeen YouTube Founders Take Aim at Online Magazine Publishers With ZeenYouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen’s AVOS is on the move with a new project, Zeen. Zeen, which currently exists as a minimalist website, Twitter feed and Facebook page, promises users will be able to “discover & create beautiful magazines” and offers prospective users the opportunity to reserve a username. The site allows users to register via Facebook, Twitter or with an email address.

Zeen is brand spanking new so very little info is available but the name and promise of being able to create magazines both indicate a service likely aimed squarely at the emerging market for tablet-friendly publications–a way for users to perhaps leapfrog over the middle step of creating a blog and create something more like a dynamically updated app. Whatever the details, The Next Web notes we may learn more from one of the founders soon:

Chad Hurley will be speaking at The Next Web Conference 2012 in late April, and we’ll be sure to ask him more about Zeen then.