20 Buzzwords That Need to Die

Please stop saying these things.

Facebook engineers are notorious for overusing "shipping." If you are not on a boat or physically taking your product to the post office, you are not "shipping" anything. (flickr.com/epsos)
If your startup has three people in it, it is not "lean," it is a handful of friends hanging out on their computers. (flickr.com/andyarthur)
The term "data" should automatically set off your BS detector. (flickr.com/t_gregorious)
'Hacking,' in its purest form, means putting something cool together--not realizing your friend is still logged into Facebook on your computer and posting a dumb status message. (flickr.com/copyfighting)
This word jumped the shark the second California's 101 freeway became overrun with cloud computing billboards. (flickr.com/rafaeldesigner)

This reporter used to work in the social marketing industry, a space that is inhabited in part by suited up biz dev types who love to toss around meaningless, jargony words. We were well-known within our office as being the no. 1 hater of buzzwords. It got so bad that our coworkers would purposefully Skype us “SYNERGY!” just to piss us off.

But today, we are finally taking a stand.

Today, we are declaring: death to all buzzwords! Or at least the 20 you will find in the following slideshow. Let’s nimbly dive in and do some mindsharing, shall we?

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