Accelerator 500 Startups Parodies The Hunger Games, Makes Us Wish For Death by Tracker Jackets

The lengths accelerators go to for five minutes of fame these days.


The 500 Startups accelerator program is poised to launch with a new round of early-stage companies hoping for some VC TLC, which is all well and good until you see the YouTube video they shot to announce the beginning of the new program.

It’s a Hunger Games parody, called “The Funding Games.” There are brightly colored wigs, nerf gun battles and dudes cross-dressing in anime outfits. Do we really need to say any more?

Despite the inherent goofiness (and gimmicky-ness) of the video, it’s actually a pretty apt portrayal of the current cutthroat environs of the tech community. Just please don’t let this become a thing. We almost prefer dorky startup raps to this. Almost.