Alec Baldwin, Harvey Weinstein Resolve Short-Lived Feud We Didn’t Know Existed

Alec Baldwin and fiancee, at the amFAR party in question (Getty Images)

We might have guessed that eventually, Alec Baldwin and Harvey Weinstein–two of show business’s hottest heads–would end up clashing, and indeed, Mr. Baldwin called Mr. Weinstein a “douchebag” this week. It all went down at Cannes, the annual event at which Michael Haneke films coexist sweatily with the continued existence of Paris Hilton; Mr. Baldwin was angry, apparently, about Mr. Weinstein dropping out of funding his documentary, Seduced and Abandoned. Now, The Hollywood Reporter reports, Mr. Baldwin wrote Mr. Weinstein a note at the amFAR gala, leaving a note reading “HW, my apology to you and congratulations on a successful event”–but only after being removed as a co-host of the event. Whew! If nothing else, this is the most press the forthcoming-way-in-the-future film Seduced and Abandoned is likely ever to get. Nice work, gents.