An Antidote to Healthy Lungs: William C. Paley Hosts Legal Outdoor Smoke

William C. Paley, cigar

As little as 10 years ago, New Yorker nicotine addicts would have scoffed and coughed at the idea that one day they wouldn’t be allowed to light up on bars. Yet today you’d be hard-pressed to find even an apartment coop that would let you smoke in the privacy of your own home…let alone a public space. And thanks to Mayor Bloomberg, public parks are now off-limits to puffers as well.

So where can poor tobacco lovers go to enjoy a fine cigar?

For one night only, the privately-owned Samuel Paley Park–named for the father of former CBS chairman William S. Paley and the founder of Paulina Cigars–will open its gates to stogie lovers city-wide for the second annual Legal Outdoor Smoke.

Samuel Paley’s grandson William C. Paley (son of William S. and Babe Paley) will host this puff pride event, and has generously allowed all who love a good cigar to enter…provided that attendees bring their own stogies (no freebies!) and give evidence in the form of a receipt for their purchase, dated from may 20th to the 23rd. (so now is not the time to break out the 50 year old Cuban you’ve been saving.)

According to the Post, this event is meant to “raise awareness for cigar smokers’ rights.”

Let’s just hope the weather clears up, or Mr. Paley and his euphemistic-chomping partners will end up all soggy.