Angry Sellers Consider Divorcing Etsy Over Wedding Section Redesign

Sellers say "I don't" to Etsy's new wedding section, which has driven down their sales and traffic.


Last month, DUMBO-based e-commerce platform Etsy redesigned their popular wedding section, a “combination of wedding items, trends, how-to’s, expert advice and the stories of real couples.” The sleek redesign, which was rolled out in conjunction with a wedding registry, was meant to showcase designs from a variety of contributors, but according to the Daily Dot, that’s not what happened at all.

Twee DIY enthusiasts everywhere are galvanizing due to a dip in sales and traffic to their online stores, which many claim is the fault of the wedding section’s redesign. Apparently Etsy sellers didn’t take too kindly to a post that said the category would in part be curated by Etsy staff. According to the Daily Dot:

Some sellers observed that the same shops were featured repeatedly in the Wedding category, while others were ignored. Sellers worried Etsy’s staff curators would not feature their items…. An Etsy administrator responded that featured items were based on SEO and search relevancy, not on Etsy staff preferences. However, sellers continued to write that their previously thriving businesses were now losing sales and views, while seemingly unrelated items were featured.

This may indeed be the worst thing to ever happen to peddlers of ornate, feather-adorned hair pieces.

The Daily Dot reports that the flap has been titled “Weddinggate” within the Etsy community, and that many sellers are considering taking their hand-welded artisanal engagement rings elsewhere. Ebay, perhaps?

Angry Sellers Consider Divorcing Etsy Over Wedding Section Redesign