As Draw Something’s Popularity Declines, Zynga Decides to Tack on More Ads

Advertisers can now pay to have their brand names used as drawable words.

doritos As Draw Somethings Popularity Declines, Zynga Decides to Tack on More Ads


Zynga’s stock price is dropping, so now the San Francisco-based company is attempting to devise creative ways to monetize some of its more popular games. Yesterday we reported that Draw Something is hemorrhaging users, but that hasn’t stopped its new parent company from thrusting more ads upon the once wildly-popular game.

AdAge reports that Zynga is now offering brands the ability to use their brand names as drawable words in the Pictionary style game:

Draw Something’s new ad product came from testing recognizable brand terms like Nike, KFC and Doritos in the game, said former OMGPop CEO Dan Porter, now Zynga’s VP-mobile and general manager for its New York office.

Zynga’s first ad partner for this new offering is the National Hockey League, which according to AdAge has bought words like “puck” and “hat trick.”

This is actually an interesting advertising concept, as it’s definitely a more elegant solution than tacky, distracting banner ads. But implementing additional ads probably won’t help stymy Draw Something’s user exodus.