‘Beef & Edgar Allen Poe’ and Other Unrelated Lecture Topics Come to MCA Denver

In June, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver will begin its summer programming with its lecture series “Mixed Taste: Tag Team Lectures on Unrelated Topics,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Two speakers present separately two different topics, each for 20 minutes (the speakers are not allowed to make connections between the two), followed by a Q&A sessions regarding both topics at the same time.  This leads to conversations like “Pirates! & Russian Conceptualism” and “Thomas Jefferson & Giant Vegetables.” Sounds good to us! A full list of events is below.

June 7 • Andy Warhol & Gin Martinis
(Adam Lerner & Randy Layman)

June 14 • Pirates! & Russian Conceptualism
(Marc Levine & Mark Lipovetsky)

June 21 • Dubstep & the Napoleonic Wars
(Nate Ishe & Lt. Col. John Plating)

June 28 • Aristotle & Nollywood
(Nicholas Rockwell & Polly McLean)

July 5 • Archigram & Artificial Flavor
(Geoff Manaugh & Nicola Twilley)

July 12 • Walrus & Stereoscopic Photography
(Kirk Johnson & Peter Bahouth)

July 19 • Judas Iscariot & Hissing Cockroaches
(Gregory Robbins & Matt Camper)

July 26 • Beef & Edgar Allen Poe
(Kimbal Musk & Brian Barker)

August 2 • Phantom Limbs & Flannery O’Connor
(Ara Chitchyan & Jeffrey DeShell)

August 9  • Thomas Jefferson & Giant Vegetables
(Nancy Wadsworth & Carol O’Meara)

August 16 • Fingerprinting & Traditional Sumatran Architecture
(Nicole Garneau, PhD & Christina Kreps)

August 23 • Mongolian Gobi Bears & the Fourth Dimension
(John Demboski & Craig DeForest)

August 30 • Psychic Animals & Vincent van Gogh
(Alexandre Philippe & Timothy J Standring)

‘Beef & Edgar Allen Poe’ and Other Unrelated Lecture Topics Come to MCA Denver