Ben Huh’s Plan for Journalism: More Feelings. More Crazy.

No word on whether moar cats are part of the plan.

jourmalist kitteh breaks mews Ben Huhs Plan for Journalism: More Feelings. More Crazy.

The news, with cats. (

Lolcat magnate Ben Huh continues to offer only the faintest dribs and drabs regarding Circa, his double-David-funded new startup. The Nieman Journalism Lab cornered him at ROFLcon, and apparently Mr. Huh would like more “dissemination of value-added interpretation of the facts.” He parses the buzzwords like so:

If you look at great journalists, it’s not because they were able to convey the facts, it’s because they were able to convey part of the emotion on the things that are subjective to the right audience. Like Anderson Cooper down in New Orleans. That was his break-out moment and he was like, “this is B.S.” He kind of went of the rails a little bit, and became a guy who decided that he was a guy who was going to say what he wanted to say. I want more of that in journalism.

If that makes about as much sense to you as listening to an adderall-addled tween, good. That’s exactly what Mr. Huh is looking for: “I’m looking for publications that are like teenagers. I think this is the part of the process where if you know who you are, then you might not make it.” Success!

It also sounds like he’s about ready to throw down with Buzzfeed:

I think what Buzzfeed is doing what Huffington Post did with SEO. I don’t think what they’re doing is meme-like, I think they’re just creating social bait.

Meme-served, you guys.