Bill O’Reilly: Brian Stelter Demonized Me

Bill O’Reilly tore into New York Times television reporter Brian Stelter on The O’Reilly Factor last night, using Mr. Stelter’s “Gay on TV” article as proof that “most of the media will not even consider the traditional point of view on marriage.”

Mr. Stelter wrote that Mr. O’Reilly and one of his guests had complained about Chaz Bono appearing as the first openly transgender contestant on Dancing With The Stars. In fact, only Mr. O’Reilly’s guest, Fox house psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow did. Mr. O’Reilly said Mr. Bono had the right to pursue happiness.

“Once again Mr. Stelter writes a falsehood in order to demonize me and Fox News,” Mr. O’Reilly said. (Like Dr. Ablow, however, Mr. O’Reilly has complained about Glee glamorizing homosexuality and transsexuality in the past. “If children hear it, unsupervised children, they might go out and experiment with this stuff,” he said.)

Mr. Stelter tweeted out the video and a correction this morning.

“Bill’s right,” he wrote. “His guest complained about Chaz; he didn’t. My mistake.” (He also wrote a thoughtful blog post about how the news media conversation about same sex marriage might not reflect the national conversation, after all.)

Mr. O’Reilly cast himself as a scapegoat for the liberal media—“Liberal guys like Stelter and The New York Times want to hurt me,” he said—but we think poor Mr. Stelter, whose name was broadcast on national television alongside an unflattering photo that predates his widely documented weight loss, is the real victim of media bias.
Bill O’Reilly: Brian Stelter Demonized Me