Booting Up: Devs’ Dream Job Edition

 Booting Up: Devs Dream Job Edition

Solidoodle. (Photo by Ben Weitzenkorn)

Eighty-eight percent of Dev Bootcamp’s Ruby on Rails grads are going to startups with an average salary of $79,000 [Tech Crunch]

Brooklyn-based Solidoodle’s $500 3D printer gets a review [CNET]

The rumored T-Mobile and Metro PCS merger makes little sense for either company [AllThingsD]

Facebook’s  test-drive of “Highlight” will allow all users to pay to promote their content [TechCrunch]

Baidu takes aim at iOS and Android in China with its own cloud-based service [The Next Web]

Another unseen 1980s Apple commercial surfaces featuring Steve Jobs in Ghostbusters parody [MacRumors]