Booting Up: Wait, Facebook’s the Fuck-Up and Yahoo Is Innovative?

screen shot 2012 04 17 at 8 57 40 am Booting Up: Wait, Facebooks the Fuck Up and Yahoo Is Innovative?

But I’m so quirky!

Hey, Elon. It’s Barack. [The Next Web]

Pigs are flying and Kara Swisher has something nice to say about Yahoo’s Axis, a new browser for the iPad and iPhone, with a desktop plug-in as well. She calls it–gasp!–“innovative.” [AllThingsD]

IBM bans its employees from using Siri and Dropbox. Could watching New Girl be next? [FierceCIO]

Which lucky firms knew about Facebook’s weaker revenue forecasts before Joe Schmo on Main Street? Fidelity Investments and Capital Research & Management [WSJ]

“Pssst, over here, Zuck,” says the New York Stock Exchange. Facebook has apparently taken some calls around the possibility of switching to another exchange. [Reuters]